21.8.10 Thank you for your accuragte reading last year,. I moved to the Midlands and haven't looked back so far. Ann x 21/8/10 Excellent, uplifting inspiring! I will be back to celebrate the success - the good news! Dennis. Nice lady, will be back Danielle x 22.8.10. Very Accuate! Felt very comfortable and reassured. Just very real and true. xx Rosa x Lorraine: always excellent. Always enlightening. Gives you a full assessment of where you currently are spiritually, emotionally and materially. Something you cannot find out through conventional therapy. You are given the information that you need and it's up to you where you want to go with it A very gifted, special person. Many thanks Annetta. x Excellent - Lovelly, absolutely brilliant - Sylvia was great. Look forward to your next evening of clairvoyance. God Bless Michelle. 26.8.10: Lorraine thank you for such a positive amusing reading. I feel ready to kick start my life and thanks to you all those onths ago, I would be where I a today. BIG THANK YOU Suzie.