Very good reading, exactly what is going on in my life. Just confirme what I know and what I need to do. Thank you. (Hilary) Reading with Lorraine 21.7.10 Tracey: a very accurate reading. I was impressed. Angelique: Lorraine showed and impressed, was precise with my reading, would like to come back. I will be back. Thank you x Rachel 7.8. 2010 - a great reading with Lorraine. Very positive and answered a lot of questioons. Thank you xxx. (annonymours) A great reading love her loads. 9.8.2010 - amazingly accurate. Interperates emotions and feeling, gave great insight to troubles situations. Thanks so much. This is only my second reading and I can honestly say that everything Lorraine said was spot on. If you are here you are here for a reason and go with your instinct. You will not be disappointed. Thanks Lorraine. Karen x Hi Dad, O G. Nice lady, nice reading. Michelle 20.8.2010